Enshaa for Building & Development

Founded at the start of third millennium, lnsha For Building & Development is committed to providing the highest levels of professionalism, quality and workmanship at all levels of the company. It is our belief that by building and maintaining solid relationships with our clients, and partners, they in turn, can confidently rely on our extensive in house resources to meet and exceed their individual needs, in turn making’ their vision a reality.

We have the systems, expertise and resources to make your vision a reality. Our aim is to provide an exceptional building experience for all clients by focusing on flexibility and team work to promote creativity and innovative solutions. From the job site to the boardroom, we work to create a working dynamic that supports collaboration and new ways of thinking. We execute the construction process in a manner that meets our client’s needs for greater efficiencies, lower costs and shorter delivery times. Anything less than exceptional is unacceptable.

We approach each project with a cooperative frame of mind, working with clients, consultants, architects and subcontractors, suppliers toward the common goal - successful project delivery. Our specialized divisions ensure that each project is matched with appropriate resources and expertise.

Through technical skill, preconstruction know-how and self-performance capability, we anticipate project challenges, develop solutions that meet clients’ objectives Enshaa For Building & Development is comprised of four separate but synergistic divisions:


  • All kind Building projects Contracting.
  • Main road and street contracting and related works.
  • Fixing Boards along Internal and External Roads.
  • Excavation and Backfilling.
  • Road Maintenance.
  • Street cleaning services.


  • Building Maintenance.
  • Real estate Lease and Management Services.
  • Buildings Cleaning Services.
  • Cleaning the outside (interface) Buildings.
  • Disinfection and sterilization services.
  • Public Health Pests Control Services.
  • Hospitality services


  • Afforestation Contracting.
  • Contracting irrigation networks.
  • Landscape and Gardening Services.
  • Land preparation works, irrigation networks implementation, and maintenance.


  • Onshore and offshore oil and gas fields and facilities services.
  • Contracting contracts for installing central gas networks in buildings.
  • Filling the central gas tanks.


  • Interior Design Implementation (Decor)

Construction Sector

All Kind Building Projects Contracting:

To carry out construction of all kinds of buildings and their uses, such as residential buildings, farms, buildings of industrial and commercial establishments, schools, hospitals, airports, agricultural facilities and other buildings, and this also includes the work of repairing and modifying these buildings and carrying out comprehensive maintenance for them and implementing the necessary work for their interior design as well. Electrical and sanitary installations and installations…etc.

Facility Management Sector

Building Maintenance:

Performing the internal and external maintenance necessary for the buildings, by performing repairs and repairs on the roofs, columns, walls, floors, etc.

Real Estate Lease And Management Services:

Includes real estate services such as asset management and leasing of land and buildings.

Buildings Cleaning Services:

Providing cleaning services for residential buildings, commercial offices, government offices, and others. This includes cleaning floors, roofs, interior glass for building entrances, cleaning the outdoor squares, and other cleaning work

Agriculture Sector

Afforestation Contracting:

Plants، forests, gardens, wind equipment and tree decorations.

Contracting Irrigation Networks:

Irrigation network contracting, which includes all irrigation facilities, traditional irrigation facilities, channels, wastes, and sprinkler and drip irrigation.

Landscape and Gardening Services:

It includes beautifying gardens and parks with flowers and plants such as testing tree and plant types, installing irrigation and lighting networks, as well as maintenance and follow-up work, designing site and architectural activities, and a nursery.

Oil And Gas Sector

Onshore And Offshore Oil And Gas Fields And Facilities Services:

Working with the petroleum sectors and oil companies in several fields, including public services, construction, supply and catering Contracting Contracts For Installing Central Gas Networks In Buildings:

Carrying out works, undertakings and installing the central gas for the various buildings and installations, including contracting contracts for gases and repairs, and performing periodic maintenance thereof.

Filling The Central Gas Tanks:

To fill the central gas tanks located in residential, commercial and even industrial buildings through long or short-term pledges or contracts, by equipping cars and equipment, such as devices and tanks equipped for that.

Interior Design Sector

Enshaa Interior Design offers a complete range of interior design services and decoration for commercial, residential and institutional clients. Whether it’s a simple design or a massive makeover, Enshaa Interior Design has the expertise for you.

Every project we undertake, irrespective the size or budget, are handled with pride and given the highest level of commitment and excellence. Our interior decorators and designers prepare turnkey packages and provide entire project management support, from procurement and budget management to delivery and installation.

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